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I take Dan for a ride

At least that was my idea…..I've been a knock-around private pilot for 40 years and a few years ago came up with the concept of searching for Sasquatches by Ultralight, having the passenger use a thermal imager.

How hard could it be ? After all , you don't even need a regular private license to fly one; they go nice and slow, you can fold it up and tow it on a trailer behind your car, and land and take off anywhere.

I bought a new Cosmos two seater with a 50hp Rotax engine, took lessons, and soloed.

Two days later a crosswind gust picked me up just as I was about to touch down, pushed me off the runway so the landing gear struck sideways, bounced up, flipped over and crashed upside down . Totaled. The end of that idea. Note half of the wing artistically poking up in the air in the news photo.

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