About the Video and Mike's Bigfoot Expedition

“I am almost as surprised as you, the viewer, to be able to view this footage."

After so many, many years of spending night after night in the dark, hoping against hope that something would go bump in the night, something finally did.

Color Stick Video

In 2007 I had my first thermal sighting of a Sasquatch, very close to where the recent video was taken. It was preceded two nights before by a 3 AM visit consisting of two deep “Darth Vader” breaths right over my head ("I was lying down in my tent) and a sharp cuffing of its roof. Being completely unprepared for this,I cuffed the tent wall back. Something large ran away. I went out with my thermal imager, but saw nothing. Two nights later, once again around 3 AM, I was sitting at my picnic table with 4 or 5 other people, bored and sleepy, waiting for someone else to give up first and suggest we all go to bed. Every few minutes I would stand up and thermal scan the area, and the last time I did …. there it was, walking sideways to me, some 80 feet away. Massive shoulders, arms, and back muscles, no neck. I stupidly said, “There’s one now. ” and of course everyone stopped talking. I lowered the thermal imager to turn on the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) velcroed to its top (this takes perhaps 6 seconds) . By the time I completed this small task and got the thermal back up to my eye, it was gone.

Thermal Re-creation Video

Now, I had finally seen one for myself. I have met hundreds of people who have recounted their sightings to me and had no reason to doubt them, but there was always this little coal of uncertainty that burned inside. That coal was now extinguished.

Thermal Stick Video,showing a 7' white marker placed next to the stump


I started returning to this spot over and over, since I had moved to NC and it was within an hour’s drive. I left out fruit, peanut butter, pennies, little squeaky bathtub kids' toys and finally a Zagnut candy bar. Whenever I had cameras rolling it wouldn’t show up, or there would be a loud angry screaming yell from the woods. If I didn’t have the cameras on, it would sometimes come while I slept and take something, once returning the favor with four small rocks, neatly placed on the stump. Frustrated, but determined, I kept trying different ways to disguise the thermal, or the generation 3 night vision scope I also used. This model thermal, the Ratheon Palm IR250, has what is called a “Chopper” in it, a disk that whirls very very fast inside and somehow (so they tell me) spreads the pixels around the screen. It makes a faint whirring sound.

This last time, I left the rear hatch of my Toyota Highlander open, folded down the rear seat and   was going to place the thermal in the back just behind the driver’s seat, pointing out the back My hope was obviously that the animal would perceive it as part of the car, and that the mass of the car would help to muffle the faint whirring sound. I had forgotten my peanut butter but had earlier bought a Zagnut candy bar for myself (like a Clark bar rolled in peanut brickle powder). Taking one for the team, I sacrificed the Zagnut bar and put it on the stump

Around 11:30pm , I was about to start recording and hit the sack, when I heard slight movement in the woods down behind the stump. On an impulse I took the thermal out of the car and placed it on the groundl on a tripod and covered it with a piece of leaf-cut camo cloth. Then I got in my car and drove several hundred yards away to a field where I spent two hours playing my handheld electronic solitaire game. I did not realize until later that in my haste to leave I had neglected to refocus the Ratheon 250. Duh!! When I returned the thermal battery was dead, as was the DVR’s. In the morning when I got home I reviewed the tape and there, about 30 minutes into it, came the Squatch. I really wasn’t prepared for success after so many years of failure. Super cautious, stealthy and “Slinky.”

It will help you understand what you are watching if you bear two things in mind. From your perspective you will notice a very white area just to the right of the stump. This is the lower part of a tree that was heated by the sun in the afternoon. In addition, it is important to realize that behind the stump the ground slopes downwards at a ratio of 1:4. That is to say for every 4 feet behind the stump , the ground drops off 1 foot. The consequence of this is that, towards the latter part of the video when the Squatch stands up and is moving from side to side, he is somewhat downhill from the stump, so trying to measure his height in comparison with the 7' measuring stick does not work well. I Estimate his height to be between 7' and 7'6". You will see what I mean when you view the footage. 

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