This site has several purposes.

It is designed to provide background for the book SASQUATCH FOR SALE in the form of full size color photographers and documents, which can only be viewed in smaller, black and white versions in the book. These are organized for relevancy by chapter and can be accessed here. A quantity of additional photographs and short video clips also serve to flesh out the various subjects and the SQUEAKY THERMAL is available here at no cost. You will also find the ZOAR CEMETARY video here, something that was not discussed in the book but is extremely interesting, especially considering the time of year, January, and time of night, 11:30pm, and location… a remote ancient graveyard in the Uwharrie National Forest. The information from Greene’s old website, Bushloper.net ,has (mostly) been updated and incorporated into this site as it serves as additional background material for the book.

This site is also to provide a vehicle for the exchange of information between the author and his readers. Since his investigations into the various aspects of Sasquatch research, both field work and the examination of new claims or evidence by others is ongoing there will be occasions when it is appropriate for the author to post new material here so that, hopefully, it becomes an evolving work in progress. Readers are encouraged to submit material of any sort or format with the understanding that it will receive impartial examination and that by submitting any material, the reader is giving explicit permission for the author to publish on this website or elsewhere both the material itself and the author’s opinion. Links are provided below.

About Sasquatch For Sale:

If you have not yet read the authors, book this article will give you an overview of what to expect when you do. Go to the text here.

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Back Cover Text:

This well-written and cynical book travels from the glaciers of Bella Coola BC to the Everglades of Florida, from the wilderness of the remote Manicouagan Meteor Crater of Quebec to the forests of the High Sierras on the author's 20-year journey to prove the existence of Bigfoot. He Has captured the fascinating "Squeaky Thermal" video (see Finding Bigfoot "compelling Evidence" episode) and encountered footprints, tree breaks and screams in the night as well as fakes, frauds, overblown egos, naive tree huggers, con men and a debacle, Rick Dyer's Never-ending hoax, Todd Standing's Photoshop efforts, the implausible Falcon Project, and the author's intimate relationship with Justin Smeja, the infamous Sierra killer, Derek Randles and his Olympic Project, the BFRO's greedy unethical leadership and philanthropist Wally Hersom, who tried so generously to make so much possible.

Squeaky Thermal Footage and Other Videos

See the Squeaky Themal Footage  

Forthcoming Events:

  • The author will be in the high Sierras  from August 6th until Sept 10th and consequently will be unable to communicate until his return. There he will be employing new thermal imagers as well as a proprietary detection device he invented in the field  near Area X7A, site of the Smeja “Sierra Kills”.

Contact The Author

Contact the author by writing on his timeline or liking him on Facebook. He would prefer to communicate by email. In either case click on a link to pursue an option.

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