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This is not a book designed to try and convince you whether Sasquatches exist or not.To say that their existence is an interesting subject is understating the case, but I will pretty much leave that to the dozens of books designed to do just that. My book is written with two primary purposes; first to tell of my twenty plus years in search of the truth and the fascinating places this journey has taken me,with very interesting results and second to introduce the reader to the world of the people who also search for the same truth, or seek to profit from the subject in various ways. This backstory has until now remained largely unknown to the general public, whose grasp of what was and still is going on is tenuous at best. Behind the occasional claims of success, behind the TV reality shows, the radio shows, and the Sci-Fi channel movies , there is a world populated by publicity hounds of every size and shape, clamoring to shove their face in front of a camera or microphone , climbing over each other in their efforts to be seen or heard, opportunists quick to grasp at a passing dollar, other more patient opportunists content to milk the subject more slowly for enormous sums, researchers of all educational levels, from PhD to drop out, from very bright to dumb as a stone, who with varying success plod along recording strange sounds, casting footprints and recording blurry photos and videotape, nave tree huggers quick to believe any story that comes their way and pass it along as gospel and finally a fairly substantial number of psychics, mystics, dreamers and schizophrenics whose colorful tales of telepathic conversations, inter-dimensional travels ,life long friendships with and profound utterances of the beasts themselves on the future of our planet, global warming or the dangers of the Trilateral Commission who serve as a colorful and amusing distraction from the antics of everyone else.

The public has absolutely no idea of the amount of time and energy all of these people consume, some on legitimate quests, some on much more dubious and duplicitous ones. To look behind the scenery on this stage and truly see what is really going on, to see how much of it is pure theater is many things; amusing troubling, annoying, but fascinating.

I have been fortunate in my years of emersion in this odd culture to have met and been on intimate terms with many of the major players, and been able to study many others through my contact with fellow researchers and friends

I am sure you will find SASQUATCH FOR SALE to be an unique experience as you travel through an eye opener of a world you never knew existed.

Michael D Greene

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