This is a short video clip I took in the winter of 2008 , at 11pm with the Ratheon 250. It is taken from approximately 80 yards away.

The location is a dirt road in the Uwharrie National Forest, NC and it has been, and still is, my habit when camped there ,to walk this road alone each night before going to sleep. There was no one else camped there that night. Prior to my going there, but in the recent past, there have been two class A sightings at this spot by BFRO Investigators. These sightings piqued my interest, and while there was no reason to suppose that a Sasquatch would return to the same place ,they at least were a slim lead. This is a needle in a haystack business at best . I claim absolutely nothing for what I filmed. It shows a blurry upright figure standing in front of a tree, then sort of bending over and slinking off to my left into the woods. I made the mistake of rapidly walking forwards trying to get closer, when I first realized there was something there, and the camera moves up and down with my walk.

The best way to view this footage is little by little, stopping and backing up frequently to see the difference in the frames. Repeated viewing in this manner will show you the white figure in front of the lighter white tree, center frame, moving away to your left. The difference in the image between the beginning of the clip and the end is very clear; it is the transition from the former to the latter that takes some studying. As it finally moves out of sight to the viewers left, you can clearly see the dark space where it just was.

It is not a deer. I returned later that night hoping for a repeat performance, but only scared up a deer, which showed much brighter than the figure in the video. It is not a bear; it’s upright. It is conceivable that it is a human figure, but once again it is not as bright as a human figure would show up on thermal…. And it is very unlikely that a person would be out there that late at night. So what am I left with ? A moving blobsquatchy thing around five feet tall, captured through a thermal imager, shot late at night, way out in the country in the middle of winter.

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